Inspired Designs: Fun Leather Combination

Sometimes there’s a piece of furniture that comes through our warehouse that makes you stop and look again. Maybe even a third time. That was the case with these two creatively designed leather combinations.

With the hundreds of pieces of furniture going in and out per week, it can be easy for it to become a blur of woods and stains and fabrics. But last week I got a call saying, “Go check these chairs out. You might want to get a picture.” So I went down and immediately knew there had to be a story behind the combination.

With a little research, I learned the couple who purchased these upholstery pieces saw the red leather chair-and-a-half featured in our showroom and loved the “big comfy chair” concept. They wanted to get two for their kids’ room, but instead of just getting matching chairs, they decided to fashion something fun. With help from our sales team, the couple looked through our dozens of leather selections until they found a coordinating leather that was exactly the look they wanted.

We think they did fantastic job and appreciate letting us work with them. We hope their kids enjoy them!


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