Christmas Decorating

There’s glitter and lights and garlands everywhere. In the background a song plays reminding me to “be of good cheer.” That’s right, we are in the process of transforming every nook and cranny of our Store into a Winter Wonderland is displays!

The “Christmas Decorating” team is amazing. I don’t say that because I’m a part of it, but the amount of work that gets accomplished in a few days is borderline a Christmas miracle.




It started Monday with tearing down all the fall seasonal decor and moving furniture around for a fresh, new look. Two sheds were placed behind the Store in the outdoor patio furniture section and 28 (yes, 28!) pallets of product were brought up from our warehouse.

Tuesday we started at 7am unpacking pallets and putting the holiday decor in the sheds. Once everything was opened up, the decorating began!

We broke off into teams and began piecing together the charm and cheer you’ll find as you walk around the store.

If you’re starting to think it sounds like a burden and the like a mountain of a task, I have to admit that it’s the complete opposite. We enjoy these days, and I’d be so bold to say it’s one of the most crazy, festive and fun days out of the year!

So as you walk around the Store in awe of our Winter Wonderland, remember this: most of us who helped are not decorators. We are employees, friends and family who were brought in to help. We decorate our homes just like you, so anything, truly anything you see and fall in love with can easily be duplicated in your home!

Happy shopping!

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