Our Home Decor Shopping Excursion

Home Decor CatalogsRaise your hand if your thinking about getting ready for Christmas. How about the Fall season? Hmmm…no one? We are!

Mid January we send two of our employees to one of the largest home décor shows in the country. One of the ladies is the buyer and the other is our main decorator. It’s a whirlwind three day adventure discovering trends, deciding what fits our store, and placing orders for yes, the Christmas and Fall seasons.

Once they’re back the two women continue work very well hand-in-hand. Our buyer sorts through that nice “little” stack pictured left, which is just a few of the 2014 catalogs they collected. Over the next several months the product purchased will slowly get received, organized and tucked away until it’s ready for it’s debut. Our decorator takes very descriptive notes of the orders and creates sketches and notes of how we will display the new items.

So why in January? Simply because we want to start early and find best displays for our Store so you can bring them into your home. The rest of us at Kloter Farms are eager to see what the latest colors and styles will be for 2014 and we hope you are too.

I think this calls for a shopping excursion at Kloter Farms. Anyone with me? Now I see lots of hands!


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