The Top Five Highlights of Our Outdoor Poly Furniture

Did you see this photo we featured on our Facebook page back in February?

We were tired of winter and warm weather seemed like a distant illusion. Well guess what? We’ve made it! It’s here. Warm weather. Bare feet. Smells of fresh cut grass. It’s time for backyard barbacues and outdoor entertaining. At Kloter Farms, it’s poly furniture season.

I don’t know much, actually anything, about our poly furniture line, but every time I walk through our outdoor sales office, I am IN LOVE what I see. And I have the confidence to know that if we stand behind it as a company, this stuff must be the best.

So I asked Rick, our outdoor sales manager, to give me a little information about our poly furniture because obviously there’s more to it than meets the eye. Without hestiation he gave me the top five highlights of our poly furniture:

  1. It is ecologically responsible, easy to care for and no painting or indoor storage requred. If you get busy like me, hassale-free is the only way to go.
  2. The color is not a coating. It goes all the way through and is UV stabilized to resist fading. Perfect, because I want to it to stay the color I picked!
  3. The pieces are made of nearly 100% recycled poly milk jugs. We, and I know you, don’t like the look of disgusting factories with billowing smoke stacks. Let’s think green!
  4. They have non corrosive fasteners. Goodbye rust!
  5. Selection, selection, selection. There are hundreds of table and chair combinations; square, round, oval at standard dining height, counter height and bar height. To complement any outdoor entertaining area, Kloter Farms offers benches, planters, small tables and more. Choosing a color or combination of colors is the best part! There are bright and fun colors to bring out your style and creativity, as well as more subdued colors for neutral settings.

Even with the facts and pretty pictures, I invite you to visit our outdoor sales office and display to see the entire product selection and to relax on our furniture.

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  1. I also think this is AWESOME! I’ve never seen any outdoor set quite like it! It rellay does have an antique feel and the shapes of the furniture and the textures are wonderful! Thanks!! Now I have to rethink the patios on some of my Victorian houses!!! :b

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