Personal Style + Custom Tables

I would be so bold to say that most of us don’t have one style. I know I don’t. That would be like saying we only like one type of food or one item of clothes. Our style comes from within us. It also can come from magazines we look at, people we associate with, places we’ve been, our environment, and the list goes on. Style is uniquely you. And your style can completely transfer into you custom dining table.

What does custom dining tables even mean? There’s more to custom than choosing the size, wood species and stain of the piece. Much, much more. That’s just the beginning. So let’s take it a step farther. The top photo shows the Manchester Table. It’s one of our most popular sets. But over time and with a twist in creativity, two other tables were born. The Madison Table has takes the Manchester legs but combines it with the Harrison table top (shown left). Conversely the Hampton Table features the Manchester Table top with the Harrison table base (shown right). Isn’t that so cool?

Don’t be intimidated to start changing around the structure. We have many table legs to choose from, and between edge and skirting options, your table can become a representation of the style that is uniquely you.

Table Leg Options

Table Edge Options

Table Skirt Options

Your personal style plus our custom tables… now that equals a beautiful result.

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