Sneak Peek: Fall Festival

Fall Festival

We are smack dab in the middle of the most beautiful season New England has to offer! As tribute, Kloter Farms celebrates the season with our Fall Festival happening THIS Saturday! Are you coming? You should.

We have many family fun days at Kloter Farms, but this is one of my favorites. Maybe because I am in love with autumn. The bursting colors in the trees. The decorated grounds of pumpkins, mums, cornstacks and more. Maybe because we give our famous Kloter Farms Express a day off and offer hay rides. Maybe because the free food selections are deliciously fall. I would confess it’s all of the above.

So come. I am officially inviting to our Fall Festival this Saturday 10/11 at Kloter Farms. Events are from 11am through 4pm, but the savings are all day Saturday and extended through the Monday holiday.

We love being social! So share your photos on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest with hashtag #ilovekloterfarms.

Fall Festival Fall Festival
 Fall Festival

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