HVCC Knows What It Means to Give Back – Get Involved!


We all have them. From the time we wake up until we close our eyes, our day is filled with them. Choices. They shape us, define us and write our story. Today I want to get a little personal. I want to share with you about a local organization and their workers that many of us at Kloter Farms believe make beautiful choices and make a difference in the lives of so many. Here’s their story…

Hockanum Valley Community Council

Volunteers at HVCC

The staff and volunteers at Hockanum Valley Community Council have many roles within the organization. They provide services for mental health & substance abuse, support for the elderly, Dial-A-Ride transportation services for elderly and disabled persons, and so much more. These men and women are dedicated to meeting the needs of the residents in the Tolland County area, by promoting independence while assuring that the individuals and families who come in have their basic needs met regardless of their ability to pay. The biggest division and need within HVCC is the food pantry.

Within the pantry there are more than 2,100 housholds that are served and over 7,000 food items given out EACH week! While talking with David Engelson, CEO of HVCC, he mentioned that because state and other funding sources are always in doubt, “There are many non-profit organizations that are all struggling in the same way. Thank God there are friends in lots of places that realize there are needs.”

Here’s a snapshot of all the good deeds HVCC does…

Food Pantry

Food Pantry     Food Pantry

Make the choice to get involved >

  • Donate food
  • Volunteer to work at a food drive
  • Volunteer to distribute holiday baskets

Donating Food

During the holidays they need frozen turkeys or chicken, cans of vegetables, cans of yams, cranberry sauce, turkey or chicken gravy, cookie of brownie mixes, boxes of turkey stuffing, instant mashed potatoes, fresh potatoes and breakfast bread mixes.

Ongoing needs include cereal, boxes of pasta, spaghetti sauce, boxed mac & cheese, canned or dry soup, rice, dessert mixes, cans of tuna, peanut butter, jelly or jam, pancake mixes, pancake syrup and bottles of juice.

Donating Food     Donating Food

Donating Food

Food Drives & Holiday Basket Distribution

Food drives are on the weeks and volunteers are greatly needed. Volunteering at a food drive involves handing out flyers at the entrance, collecting donated food at the exit and loading a truck to bring the food back to HVCC. Food drives are held at the Vernon and Rockville Stop & Shop stores this year on November 22nd-23rd and December 20th-21st from 9am to 4pm.

Help hand out holiday food baskets to clients at the food pantry on Monday, November 24th. Baskets are distributed between 10:30am and 5pm.

Even an hour of service is deeply appreciated! Call 860-872-7727 to sign up.


There’s so much more information I could share, but I enourage you to check out their website here >

Even if you aren’t in the Tolland County area, there are many organizations similar to HVCC in your local community. I challenge you to make the choice to get involved.

Together we can make the choice to brighten the lives so many.

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