Creating a Winter Wonderland

For our furniture and home decor store, this is the anticipated event of the year! This past week we decked out the halls and walls and more with our winter and holiday decorations.

Planning began last January and it has been a work in progress throughout the year. For the record, no, that wasn’t a mistake, and yes, I did say last January! Over the course of the year, hours, days and weeks went into going to shows, buying the product, going through and receiving the items as they arrive, and time planning the logistics of the week that it gets put out. There’s maybe around five/six people involved in the year long process, but during the actual week of decorating, we recruit family members, friends, young and older, to transform the entire store in less than two days. While the week is long and challenging, the fun and camaraderie supersede is unlike anything else.

Being a part of the decorating team is something I always look forward to. However circumstances didn’t allow that. Instead I went up on Monday and saw it empty. When I came back on Wednesday it was quite the sight to behold! While I still was disappointed I didn’t get to help, it was a good perspective to see. I got to experience the store as a customer would. Seeing it for the first time. Trying to take it all in while getting lost in the sparkle and warmth and splendor of each display. Okay, enough of me talking about it. Here’s a sneak peek of our winter wonderland…












While it’s exquisite in pictures, I invite you to come in and experience the way I got to. Enjoy!

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