We Love New England! (A Show & Tell)

Summer is only a few weeks away. It’s no secret that I love this season. I love warm days. Longer hours of daylight. Now combine summer with New England and my heart explodes with happiness. What is it about New England we love? Where do we go? What do we do? With that in mind, I polled some of our employees on what their New England favorites are. Let’s take a look…

What is your favorite restaurant?

Where do you drive to that makes your stomach grumble and happy all at the same time? Everyone had a different answer. It included Max Fish (Glastonbury, CT), Captain Scott’s (New London, CT), Plan B Burger (Glastonbury, CT), Starbucks, Maine Fish Market (East Windsor, CT), The 99 (Vernon, CT), Bonefish Grill (South Windsor, CT), Burton’s (South Windsor, CT), Flanders Fish Market (East Lyme, CT), PB Boulangerie Bistro (Wellfleet, MA), On 20 (Hartford, CT), Willington Pizza (Willington, CT), Chuck Wagon (good ‘ole Ellington, CT), Fazio’s, Francesca’s and so many more!

Bonefish Grill Burtons Grill Captain Scott's

Flanders Fish Market Maine Fish Market Max Fish

On 20 PB Boulangerie Bistro Plan B Burger

Starbucks The 99 Willington Pizza

What is your favorite beach?

I’m all about the beach. The sand. The sun. The salt air. The crashing of the waves. Some could argue that the beach is the beach, and no matter where you go, it’s all the same. I believe we all have a beach that is home to us. I got a variety of answers from our employees. There was Narragansett, a few from Watch Hill, Skaket Beach, Blue Shutters, a couple from Race Point, Nauset, East Beach, Hammonasset, Westport, and one of our employees put down his parents’ beach house address in Waterford.

Watch Hill

Where or what is your favorite New England day trip?

I got answers like fishing anywhere with my son, Newport RI, Boston, Wickham Park, Waterford, Niantic, Breakneck Pond, Watch Hill RI, hiking up Talcott Mountain, riding rails to trails in Connecticut, New York City, hiking Bear Mountain and shopping at Wrentham and/​or Clinton Crossing Outlets.

Bear Mountain

Newport, RI
Rails to Trails

Wickham Park
Wrentham Outlets

What is your favorite store?

I did add the disclaimer “besides Kloter Farms” since I just knew it would be the obvious choice! :) Cabela’s came up several times, along with Anthropologie, Eastern Mountain Sports, The Hoot, Target, J. Crew, Barnes &​ Noble, REI, and the small shops in Watch Hill or Mystic.

Anthropologie Barnes & Noble Cabelas

JCrew REI Target

What are your favorite New England activities?

As I read through the list, the answers had a common thread… anything outdoors! Probably because the best part about New England is being outside enjoying it! I got hunting, paddle boarding, gardening and farmer’s markets, racing, water skiing on Crystal Lake in Ellington, kayaking on the Connecticut River, hiking and exploring, another kayaking, cycling and driving around the back roads of our pretty states!

Paddle Boarding

When it all came down to it, I asked a final question… “Why do you LOVE New England? Or why do you live here?” Again, the theme was the same. Even with everyone polled, it came down to three answers:

1) I love that within 2 hours you can be in a completely different landscape. We are close to everything—the cities like Boston and NYC, beaches, mountains, etc.

2) I love the change of seasons. Each is uniquely beautiful.

3) My family is here.

Feeling inspired for this summer and going someplace? I think these lists prove you don’t have to go far to enjoy some of the best tastes, sounds and sights there are around!

Happy exploring.

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