Behind the Scenes: Furniture Photo Shoot

When we ask people what they appreciate the most about Kloter Farms, the most common we get is our quality. I completely agree! As a graphic designer, I appreciate when we have good photography to capture the beauty of our solid hardwood furniture. There was several pieces of furniture our floor showroom that either lacked photos or didn’t do them justice. So we decided to bring in expert photographer Al Ferriera. We’ve used him in the past and we think his work is amazing!

Check out his website here >

Our goal was to create room shots right inside our store. We met a team, assigned tasks and roles, and pulled the project together in just ONE week! I have admit photo shoots are one of my favorite days! I love the teamwork and the collaborate to get the perfect look.

The day before the shoot, we stripped down the decor, moved around furniture and decorated what would be the first shot of the day.


Our Decorators

Knowing that our photo shoot started bright and early at 7:30am, and we had long day ahead of us, I thought fueling the morning with Starbucks was a top priority!


Setting up the equipment, lighting, angle of the camera lens and mood of the shot takes some time and a lot of team effort. As much as I’m a neat freak, I don’t mind that it gets a little messy for a while. Because I know the results are gorgeous.

Setting the stage

Lighting and Mood

The messy furniture

Once everything is ready to go, Al works his magic, and makes sure everyone is thrilled with the outcome of the shot.

Al Ferreira

Capturing the shot

By 11am we had gotten through FOUR dining room shots!

Charlotte Dining Collection

We enjoyed some time together during lunch, but then we quickly moved onto our bedroom suite set-ups at West. The coffee was still flowing strong in the afternoon!

Cabin Hill Suite

Harkness Suite

Transitions Suite

After completing each suite, we had a great crew putting all the rooms back together and redecorating the furniture.


At the end of the day, we were excited to say, “It’s a wrap!” While the day was a little exhausting, the relationships that are formed and strengthened make it most enjoyable.

The photo shoot crew

Stayed tuned as we’ll be sharing some of the final results of photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


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