Looking Back at 35 Years

Like the quote goes, “Big things often have small beginnings.” That was Kloter Farms. It started as a hobby. A dream. A passion. A passion to create a destination that people would enjoy visiting. And a destination that people would keep coming back to time again and time again.

This month we are celebrating a milestone anniversary. Here’s to…
35 years.
12,775 days.
306,600 hours.
18,396,000 minutes.

In 35 short years we’ve come a loooong way, and you, our faithful customers, have helped shape the course for who we are today, and what we will grow to become. As a family, as a company and as a community, it has been an adventure we have shared together.

We’ve seen the original carriage business quickly merge into a shed, gazebo and swing set company.
We’ve seen the old Mobil station turn into a furniture and home decor showroom.
We’ve seen that store receive three additions.
We’ve seen the purchase of our warehouse.
We’ve seen the build of a new outdoor sales office.
We’ve seen the discontinuation of our fall fairs.
We’ve seen the development of events on our location with activities, food and trains rides.
We’ve seen the devastation of a fire in our store and the determination to rebuild stronger and better than before.
We’ve seen the expansion of our furniture showroom into a separate building – Kloter Farms West.
We’ve seen 3 generations of the Kloter family working together.
We’ve seen the addition of the Kloter’s Ice Cream Barn on our display park.
We’ve seen styles change. We’ve seen the needs of our customers change. We’ve seen trends come and go. And we’ve adapted.

Many of us have been a part of the Kloter Farms team for many years and share a big part in the history. We are a family. We’ve laughed together, we’ve endured losses in our families together, we’ve grown up together and we’ve made countless memories together.

As I thought about what hasn’t changed in last 35 years, one thought stuck in my head. Our commitment to you. As it reads in our buyers guide, “We welcome you into our family… a community comprised of people who care deeply about what we do and how we impact others. We sincerely desire to serve you to the best of our ability.”

Join in the celebration throughout the entire month of September, and thank you for your continued support.

Kloter Farms History

2 thoughts on “Looking Back at 35 Years”

  1. We do not get the reminder anymore as all your events were in it
    What date will you have the customer appreciation meal this year

  2. Hi Oliva! Thanks for reaching out. The dates of our Open House Reception are November 12th & 13th from 4pm-8pm. Our database shows that you are subscribed to our email list and that you received and opened the last two. You should be getting another email soon about our Open House Event. If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us again. Thank you!

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