Kloter Farms Hosts Sale To Support Women in Haiti

The handmade goods provide an income, while the community of Centre Lumiere brings hope.

Local volunteers have partnered with Kloter Farms in Ellington, CT and Centre Lumiere in Haiti to host a benefit sale on Friday, November 20 from 12PM to 8PM and on Saturday, November 21 from 9AM to 5PM. The sale includes unique, high quality, handmade goods from Centre Lumiere in Haiti.

Haiti Benefit Sale

Centre Lumiere opened in 1977 and exists today to educate, equip, disciple, and inspire young Haitian women toward personal development, economic independence, and the ability to lead a new generation of Haitian women. The Centre currently has 25 students participating in home economic training. There are 120 graduates of the program that work from home, making needlecraft items, clothing, accessories, linens, doll clothes, bags and totes.

Haiti Benefit Sale

This is the third annual sale hosted by Kloter Farms, and is one of three taking place in the US. The sale is run by volunteers from the community, under the counsel of Olga Thissen, director of Centre Lumiere. Thissen began working with the Centre in 1997 and became the director in 2009. She will be at Kloter Farms in Ellington for the duration of this sale.

The importance of Centre Lumiere can be seen from the words of worker Piard, “I don’t have the words to express what Production has done for me. The money I make from Production helps me a lot with my children, my neighbors, and my family. Without hope, I have nothing to live for. The money I earn from Production helps me have food in the house.”

When you buy the items at this sale, you are giving hope to the entire Haitian community who benefits from your purchase. Many women share their earnings with their families and others in need. Suzana Louisius is a worker there who says, “With my salary from Production I help my children, pay for school, pay my rent, go to the doctor, and feed those in my house. I also pay the school fees for 5 other children who can’t pay. I also give food and money to others who have needs. I can’t say enough about what Production means to me. I thank God and all those responsible for Centre Lumiere.”

Haiti Benefit Sale

Kloter Farms is located at 216 West Road in Ellington, CT. All proceeds from the sale are returned to Centre Lumiere in full.

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