Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. I want to put aside the advertising and shopping frenzy. I even want to put aside the overindulgence of food. Tomorrow is a day to be thankful. Despite everything, I believe we are a blessed and loving world. I am not naive and I’m not trying to paint an inaccurate picture, but I stand firm that there is still a tremendous amount of good in this world.

I recognize that I need to be careful because I don’t know what each of my readers are going through or what they’re enduring. We all go through times of trial and those times can be painfully long. But I believe during struggles it opens our eyes to make us see the beauty in this life.

It hit me after the Paris attacks – a tremendous act of hate. However, what I saw afterward was love shine through the hate. Love will prevail and love does win. All around the globe The United States, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Germany, China, Japan, Great Britain, Canada, Taiwan, New Zealand, Mexico and more lit up in blue, white and red. Countries, cities, companies and individuals stood with Paris, supported them, prayed for them and loved them. So don’t completely despair when you see acts of hate, because there are more acts of love. Maybe you don’t hear that part on the news because sensationalism sells. But look around, and you will see the good.

It’s a smile from a stranger. It’s someone holding the door for you. It’s a comedian doing a gig to make people laugh. It’s the teacher, the nurse, the men and women in the military, the firefighter simply doing their duties. It’s the person on the subway who gives up their seat for someone in need. It’s the text from a friend just to say hello. How many charities and non-profits and fundraisers are there? So many you can’t support them all. Each one just trying to make the world a little brighter, a little better. This world is still full of simple deeds of kindness. See them. Notice them. Be thankful for them. And then pass them forward.

I’m going to leave you with lyrics to a song that I love. It’s by Josh Groban. If you don’t have it, download it. Because we really do have so much to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving.

Thankful Lyrics

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