Behind the Scenes: How Home Decor Displays Come to Life

Home Decor Displays

I’m sure you’ve heard me use the phrase or seen Facebook/Instagram posts that say “We’ve just decorated for the holidays!” or “It’s a refreshing sight with Spring home decor out.” These are fun moments at Kloter Farms because new looks are always exciting. However those moments take a lot of organization and prep work by some very talented and dedicated employees. While we’re in the middle of winter and hoping for Spring, they are thinking about the summer, fall and even Christmas seasons! Crazy, right? With that in mind, I thought I’d take you on a behind the scenes journey of our home decor products.

Last week two of our employees headed to one of the largest home decor shows in the country. I think both women would agree that it’s a whirlwind trip, but one that is needed! The two women that go are our buyer and main decorator. There they discuss colors, themes of display areas, what products will complement our store showroom, if there is anything new we want to take on and (of course) lots of buying and collecting catalogs.

Home Decor Buying

After they get back our buyer continues to look through the catalogs and make many purchases throughout the year. Our decorator will take copious notes mapping out product placement and the best way to display these beautiful items. Both women meet with our store manager who helps figure out the logistics of getting these products up and out onto the showroom floor.

As the product comes in throughout the year, we have a team of employees who inspect the items, price them and organize them. For example, some of the items are sent up to our showroom right away, whereas others are packaged up and put on pallets until it’s the appropriate season.

Home Decor Prep

Once the product is ready to go out, our decorators will create the beautiful displays that you see as you browse our store.


I know the Kloter Farms team is always thrilled to see new looks in our showroom and I hope you are too!


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  1. Well, I wouldn’t exactly say “thrilled” but I’ve just stumbled on your blog so I’ve no reason to just yet. But I’m certainly interested. I love home decors. They are an eye candy.

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