Meet The Team: Steve and Paul

Today I’d like to talk about two fantastic men on the Kloter Farms team…

Meet Steve and Paul, the guys who perform annual maintenance on our fleet of trucks. While both men are very different from each other, the camaraderie between these two is apparent.

Steve and Paul

Getting Coffee

Steve and Paul

At Kloter Farms we believe in safety first, and Steve and Paul are the perfect guys to make sure every truck and trailer gets a complete inspection and tune up. Every part, every gear, is looked over and assessed. The trucks and trailers are done in pairs, so when our drivers are out on the road or making a delivery, they can depend on the accuracy and stability of their vehicles.

Truck and Trailer Maintenance

Looking over the parts


Trailer Maintenance

Trailer Maintenance

Both guys enjoy the diversion in the work. Steve mentioned he likes doing it because he’s always learning, and Paul said he enjoys using his training from Cheney Tech. However, these aren’t their regular jobs. Steve, who has worked at Kloter Farms for 20 years is one our of outdoor delivery drivers and also fills in as a salesperson during our very busy months. Paul has been with us 15 years, and his current role is handling the arrival, inspection and prep for delivery on all our outdoor structures.

With the years of experience and expertise, it’s clear why we appreciate having these guys switch roles during the winter months for this position. Bottom line, we are so grateful for the smiles and serving hearts of these two.

Steve and Paul

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