Happy Independence Day!

We love American Made! Wishing each of you a happy and safe Independence Day from all of us at Kloter Farms!

Memorial Day Honors

We take the this day to honor the men and women who selflessly gave their life for this country. We gather together as towns. There are marching bands, flags waving, kids throwing candy to parade onlookers, boy scouts, girl scouts, … Continue reading Memorial Day Honors

Happy Thanksgiving!

There’s so many common things around this season that we can be thankful for. Family. Friends. Daily blessings. But while taking some reflection time both personally and professionally, I realized how thankful we can be that life doesn’t turn out … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Christmas Decorating

There’s glitter and lights and garlands everywhere. In the background a song plays reminding me to “be of good cheer.” That’s right, we are in the process of transforming every nook and cranny of our Store into a Winter Wonderland … Continue reading Christmas Decorating