You’re Invited to Test Our Mattresses

I have a quote in my office that reads, “When you can’t change the facts, change your attitude.” What timely advice for this messy winter day. So I decided to do something fun and cozy. I tested out our new line-up of mattresses and I’m inviting you to join me!

Mattress Testing

What will you find while relaxing? There isn’t a mattress I tested that I didn’t like. Each mattress is handcrafted and handmade one-at-a-time. Besides being stylish, they exceed all the industry standards in materials, structure and strength. I am certain if you test out our dozens of models you’ll fall in love with (or maybe asleep on) our mattresses!


Which did I prefer? It was a difficult decision, however I think I’m partial to the Elite Perfect Choice Firm 95 Latex Pillowtop. I can’t say I rushed to get back to my office!

But enough about me…what’s your favorite?

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