Stains vs. Finishes

Stains & Finishes

You’ll often hear the phrase, “customize your stain and finish options!” We use the term freely from ads to our sale pages to pages on our website. But you might be thinking, “Huh? What in the world does that mean?” First off, sorry for the confusion! and two, let me take a moment to break it down hopefully very simply.

There are three things after you select a piece of furniture: wood, stains and finishes.

Woods =
Depending on the selected piece of furniture, we offer a variety of species of woods. It might include oak, brown maple, cherry, ¼ sawn oak, hard maple, tiger maple, walnut, etc.

Stains =
A dye added to the top of a species of wood to give the wood color. Stains can range from natural to a dark onyx color. Stains are finished with your choice of a flat or gloss sheen.

Finishes =
A combination of items that allow the furniture to have a completely unique makeup. It can include two or more of the following: a stain, paint, a level of distressing (light, medium or heavy), a glaze to get into the grooves and darken the stain, a hand-planed top, the choice of a flat or gloss sheen, and more.

Is this starting to make sense? To illustrate my point, look at the photos below. The Camden TV Stand on the left shows only the “stain option”, versus the one on the right has several “finish options” applied to it.

Stains vs. Finishes

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