Inspired Designs: Upholstered Back Dining Chairs

Upholstered Back Chairs

This chair came in last week and I’m so excited to write about it! Why? Because it’s completely, one hundred percent customer inspired. We use the phrase “Customer Inspired Since 1980” often in our marketing, and this is just one example where we mean it!

We have gotten the request dozens of times from our customers, “We like your upholstered seats, but can I get my chair with an upholstered back?” We listened and I’m thrilled to announce that it is now available! On several styles of our dining chairs you can choose from over 50 fabrics and leathers to create a completely comfy and highly trendy cushioned back chair.

My whole point? Always ask. And suggest. Because we will listen and we are designed for custom. We stand firmly on the principle that your ideas and your recommendations will not only be something you can get and enjoy, but can turn into something new for many others to love as well!

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