Inspired Designs: Custom Trestle Table

Custom Trestle Table

I was just able to leave work last evening when this trestle table base caught my eye. I absolutely love how innovative our customers can be, and this piece is no exception! So let’s talk about how this table was created…

It’s a combination trestle table mixed with a touch of the Canterbury style. After hearing the details the customer wanted, our in-house draftsman made a sketch for the customer to review and approve, and then the drawing was submitted to the shop to be handcrafted. The details on the table are beautiful; distressing, a hand-planed table top and beveled edges are just a few that make this piece pop.

But it’s not about what I love. Or even what this particular customer loves. It’s about you. It’s about taking your style and your ideas, mixing them with the quality and craftsmanship of Kloter Farms, and having it fit in your home.

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