Behind The Scenes: Meet Kevin

It’s time to meet another member of the Kloter Farms team…

Last week I went into his office, informed him he’d be featured on next week’s blog post and that we needed a few photos. He responded with “Why would you want to do that?!?” The comment didn’t surprise me because he’s more of a behind-the-scenes guy who prefers to stay out of the limelight. However that didn’t stop me. Because the talent and teamwork he brings to Kloter Farms is significant. Therefore, I’d like to introduce, Kevin.


Kevin’s main roles include ordering the fine furniture and using his artistic talents to draft custom designs for our customers. At Kloter Farms we are proud to offer furniture that is tailored to your style, size and layout. We take our customer’s inspiration and needs, and transform them into a reality with a sketch of the furniture. Check out his free-hand skill…




Pretty talented, right? I wish I had that in me! Kevin has always love to doodle and draw. His passion turned into a career when he became a draftsman and project manager for an architectural woodworking company that included projects for American Airlines, Joseph Seagram, Metropolitan Museum of Art, the United Nation Hotel in NYC, Merck Pharmaceutical and more. He brought his gifts and hard work ethic to Kloter Farms, and we have been happy to have him on the team for over 15 years!

There’s a much deeper side to Kevin that most people don’t know and what makes him special. Kevin loves to travel and explore – anywhere and everywhere. From Europe to NYC to a store down the road. (Speaking of NYC, he knows how to give a fantastic tour of the city!) Kevin loves genealogy and can trace ancestors back into the 1500s. He loves to learn – from reading history books to trivia books to bathroom reader books. And we laugh at his collection of the Books of Knowledge. (snore!) He also likes to collect local historical postcards, bugs, cameras, old photos and more.


But beyond the likes and dislikes, Kevin has a quiet nature and we all appreciate his listening ear. He may not have the answer, but he’ll always listen. Always. He’s extremely loyal, dedicated and one you can always count on.

And the best part? He’s not only my coworker, he’s my dad.


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  1. I know that guy, I used to deliver furniture to Kloter Farms from Ohio Kevin was always there to help unload I miss going up there.

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