Kevin’s Camp Challenge Bike Ride

We’ve got something new for this Monday! As a way for our readers to connect with ALL members of the Kloter Farms team, we will periodically be featuring guest posts written by our employees. The posts will highlight events they are passionate about, random facts, or just plain anything they want to share.

Our first post is by Kevin Plourde. I admire Kevin’s upbeat attitude, enthusiasm and kindness. These qualities are not only contagious, but are exhibited in all aspects of his life. Read on to see what I mean…

Hi, I’m Kevin, and a few Saturdays ago I rode my bicycle 64.8 miles for the Hole in the Wall Camp Challenge. I have been biking in group rides for many years and have always enjoyed them. A friend of mine asked me to join him in the Camp Challenge. When I signed up for the ride, I saw that it was for a great cause and decided to try and raise some donations for the charity. I was blown away by the generosity of my family, friends and the Kloter Farms employees. They gave way more to the Hole in the Wall Gang, on my behalf, than I was expecting to collect.

Kevin Plourde

When I arrived in Ashford, CT on the morning of the ride, I was greeted by an awesome team of volunteers. One worker took my bike and went to hang it on the bike rack for me. Others had a breakfast buffet set up, sign-in tables and swag tables. Everyone was so organized and friendly! Before the ride there was an orientation meeting where they went over information about the ride and safety concerns. While at the meeting a “camper” was introduced. She was an orphan girl who got AIDS from her birth mother. She told her story of what she went through to get to the camp and all the fun she had while there. She reminded me of why we were doing this ride.

Camp Challenge Bike Ride

Camp Challenge Bike Ride

The ride started with a short roll through the camp, then 64 hilly miles through scenic Eastern Connecticut. Along the way they had safety people at the major intersections and three water and snack stops. Each stop was staffed with volunteers who cheered on each of the riders. It was very motivating. The ride ended back at the camp where the breakfast had changed in a to lunch buffet. There was music and hundreds of people all having a good time for the cause.

Camp Challenge Bike Ride

Camp Challenge Bike Ride

Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

The ride raised enough funds to keep the camp running all summer next year. It turned out to be a perfect day and I can’t wait to do it again!

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