What is Poly Furniture made of??

Have you ever wondered what Poly Furniture is made of?

Polywood Furniture by Kloter Farms
Polywood Furniture by Kloter Farms


Polywood or Poly lumber as it is also known as is a high density polyethylene  product that is mostly derived from recycled milk bottles and other recycled plastics.



The process in simple terms to create Polywood goes as such:

  1. The recycled products are carefully cleaned, melted, and cooled to produce purified plastic pellets
  2.  The pellets are then extruded and formed into sheets of stock material; with the finished product containing over 90% recycled plastic.
  3. This material is then cut and shaped into furniture that we know as Polywood Furniture.
CNC Rounter on Polywood
CNC Router on Polywood

The benefits of using this type of product are:

  • Recycled plastics are being used instead of trees
  • We are keeping tons of plastics out of the landfills
  • These products are formulated to last a lifetime so you won’t need to replace them (unless you want a different color of course)
  • No harsh chemicals are needed to maintain this product (just clean with soap and water)
  • UV stable pigments keep the furniture from losing its color over time in the sun
  • Does not crack or split
  • Bacteria growth is very minimal and can easily be cleaned off
  • Stainless Steel fasteners are used to inhibit rusting over time

There’s tough Poly and then there’s “PolyTuf”

Some of our poly furniture is created by a company that has developed a standard that they’ve coined as “PolyTuf”.  This poly is extremely dense and therefore even more durable than the average poly.

Outdoor Polywood Dining Furniture by Kloter Farms
Outdoor Polywood Dining Furniture by Kloter Farms

Some of the characteristics that make these furniture pieces different are:

  1. Products are constructed using a marine grade poly that is unaffected by salt sprays making it ideal for those individuals living along the shore lines
  2. Chrome plated stainless steel fasteners are used which has been proven to be even more resistant to corrosion than other stainless steel
  3. An even smoother finish on the surface of the poly is more resistant to bacterial growth than other polys.
  4. Any visible aluminum components are powder coated to increase beauty and durability
Polywood Adirondack Chairs and Table by Kloter Farms
Polywood Adirondack Chairs and Table by Kloter Farms
Polywood Outdoor Furniture by Kloter Farms
Outdoor Poly Furniture by Kloter Farms

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